In today's economic climate, ensuring the right hire for your company has never been more important.  Often out of desperation, companies will rush the hiring process to fill a hole that only becomes deeper and more dangerous when they make the wrong hire.  Because this is so critical, you will benefit by working with a company like North Coast who knows how to collaborate with you and only present you candidates that will be the best fit for your organization and for your needs.

Due to our 20+ years of recruiting experience and especially our systematic process, our statistics are among the highest in the industry...

  • We retain 93% of our clients.
  • We fulfill 87.4% of the search assignments we accept.
  • Our client companies experience an acceptance rate of 95% when making offers to our candidates.  

We believe it is our responsibility to present candidates who are not only qualified per your specifications, but also serious about making a career change. We do our best to ensure that you can actually hire the individuals you want, thereby saving you valuable time and money.


We are extremely knowledgeable regarding current market conditions and what candidates are looking for - we know the landscape.  Our knowledge of the products and trends in the market, without breaching proprietary or confidential information, helps our clients grow.

Having the right people is the foundation to building any strong company.  We know how to identify, recruit and deliver those people to you.  Call us so we can help you take this from concept to completion.

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